Saturday, February 23, 2013

News and Updates

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I don't know about you but I am ready for this winter snow to be gone and ready for it to be spring. I know the kids are anxious for spring to come too and to be able to run around outside again during recess in the sunshine.

We didn't have a spelling test this last Friday. I felt like with the short week that we didn't cover everything that we normally do during a week period and that the kids weren't quite as ready as they normally are for their test. We will continue through Unit 3, Week 5 of Reading Street with the story, "I'm a Caterpillar," this next week. Our spelling test on these words will be this Friday. Thank you for those that take the time to study the spelling words with your kids at home. This makes all the difference and can really help them succeed on the test. Repetition is the key to success in spelling so the more the kids can see and practice the words each day, the more likely they are to remember them when test time comes around.

This last week, we have been studying about life cycles. We have focused a lot on the butterfly life cycle and how caterpillars turns into butterflies. The kids have been fascinated with this concept! We will continue on with this topic this week. I have some fun things planned for the kids that I know they will love!

As some of you may know, Mr. Theobald, our principal is getting transferred to another elementary school in our district. He will be going to Alta View Elementary on March 6th. He is going to be missed dearly by all of his staff and the students. Alta View doesn't know how lucky they are to be getting him for their principal! I have heard some great things about our new principal as well so it will be exciting to meet her and welcome her into Willow Canyon.

This week we have two short days. On both Thursday and Friday, school will be getting out at 1:15. Please put that on your calendar and plan accordingly. Thanks!

Parent teacher conferences are coming up on March 6th and 7th. Please go online and schedule your appointment to meet with me. If you are having trouble scheduling an appointment, please contact me or Margie in the office to make the appointment. I look forward to seeing all of you and talking about all the great things I have been seeing your children doing in class!

-Mrs. Hembree :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Dear Parents,
We had a fun Valentine's party on Thursday. I got a little into the holiday myself! 
My beautiful niece, Kimber, did some face painting for me to celebrate the special day. :)
 We had some girls come with their hair fixed up in heart shapes!
 We had some kids wearing, "heart breaker," t-shirts. :)
 We handed out our valentines to everyone in the class. 
Then we listened to some music and opened up our valentines! 

We enjoyed eating some Fun Dip. 

We played some Valentine games at the carpet.
We ate some Valentine treats including heart shaped bananas and apples.
Thanks to the wonderful room moms for planning the party and providing the treats! 

We have had a lot of kids bringing toys to school recently. I think after the bully/ drug free week activities where they were told to bring stuffed animals to school, the kids have continued to bring these types of things. Please remember that there are no toys allowed at school accept for special occasions. I don't want them to get lost, stolen, dirty, or ruined leading the children to be disappointed. Also, they can be a distraction to the learning in class. Thanks!

Have a great week everyone!
-Mrs. Hembree :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Week Full of Fun!

Dear Parents,
This week was a very fun week for my class. Starting on Monday we participated in the school wide drug free/ bully free week. Some kids made posters to hang in the hall for the school to see as they walk by. We watched the Willow Canyon student council put on a skit about being bully free during Monday meeting. We had different dress up days that were fun and silly for the kids. Finally, they all got a red ribbon to take home in their mailboxes on Thursday to remind them to be drug and bully free.

On Wednesday, we had backwards day. The kids had a blast with this! They thought it was the funniest thing ever. They came to school with their shirts, pants, coats, and even backpacks on backwards! Our word of the day was written backwards. Instead of "friends," it was written, "sdneirf." We walked backwards to get to the carpet. We read a book backwards and sang our songs backwards. We even sang our goodbye song at the beginning of the day! They thought this day was awesome. They couldn't believe that even their teacher came with backwards stuff on.....earrings, hair, shirt, necklace, pants.....

On Thursday, we had our 100th day of school! I can't believe that we have been in 1st grade for 100 days already. Your kids are now 100 days smarter!!! We had a whole day full of 100......
 The kids had to guess which stick of cubes had exactly 100 cubes in it. 
They made their guesses and put it into the green bucket. 
After lunch, the 8 kids that got it right got to pick a prize from the treasure box. 
We did some 100's centers...
I wish I had 100 ______.
But I wouldn't want 100 _________.
If I had $100 I would buy......
Color the numbers for a secret message about the 100th day of school. 
We also did, "This is me at 100!" They were to draw themselves when they are 100 years old.
We got some pretty funny things....
We got some gray hair....
 We got some 100 year olds using canes....
And we got some really funny things that made me laugh!
The 100 year olds had speech bubbles coming from their mouths that said, 
"Get off my grass!"
"Curse you kid!"
These kids always make me smile. :)
We made some 100th Day headbands and wore them the rest of the day.
We tried to see if we could be completely silent for 100 seconds but we only made it to 54 seconds. :) 

  All the kids brought 100 items from home to share with the class.
After reading the book, "100th Day Worries," the kids had a couple weeks to prepare their items.
 It was interesting to see what everyone brought. They all brought different things!
 We had 100 shells, 100 toothpicks, 100 q-tips, 100 marshmallows, and 100 beads. 
Some kids brought a mix of items, 10 of this and 10 of that, until they got to 100. 
We practiced skip counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's with our items, until we got to 100. 

 Then we put 100 words in alphabetical order. They were really working hard with their teams!
We had a great day and now we are ready for the rest of the school year! 
I can't wait to see their progress and what the next 80 days of school will bring. :)

This Thursday is Valentine's Day!!! I sent a note home in the homework folder about bringing valentines to class. Please bring your valentines on the morning of the 14th, no earlier. Also, please make sure that you bring a valentine for everyone in the class. There is no need to make your own box to put your valentines in. We will be making them at school. 

Hope everyone has a great week!
-Mrs. Hembree :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

We All Scream For Ice Cream!

Dear Parents,

We had a little fun on Friday. We had a class ice cream store! Everyday, the kids are eagerly working hard to earn tickets. They can earn tickets by being quiet, sitting with their legs crossed and their arms folded at the carpet, raising their hand, being polite, helping others around them, etc. I am always looking for reasons to give tickets out to kids. So on Friday, the kids were able to spend their tickets and buy ice cream sundaes. 

All the kids went to their desks and counted up their tickets, putting them into piles of 10. After counting and finding the total number of tickets that they have earned, they looked at the ice cream menu to see what sundae they wanted to order as well as what they could afford. Here is the menu:

The kids were in complete heaven! I love seeing them so excited. I have such great well behaved kids in my class and I love rewarding them for their good behavior. As they were waiting for their ice cream, they colored coloring pages related to ice cream. At the end of the party, we read a book about ice cream. They had a very fun Friday afternoon! My only regret is that I forgot to take more pictures! I got so wrapped up in serving ice cream and counting tickets that I forgot about pictures until it was too late! 

This week is a short week. We don't have school on Friday due to a teacher work day. Thursday is also a short day so please pick up your child at 1:15. Homework folders are due on Thursday as well this week.

Congratulations to all the kids who participated in the class spelling bee!!! We had a great time spelling words and cheering each other on. The top three winners in our class moved on to the grade level spelling bee. I am so proud of all of them and how much they have learned and accomplished this year!
This week on Thursday the 7th, is the 100th day of school. We will be having our 100th day of school celebration this day. Hopefully everyone saw the bright green note in the homework folders that I sent home last week. Each kid needs to bring 100 small items to class on Thursday in a baggie. If you have any questions please let me know! Thanks!

Have a great week!
-Mrs. Hembree :)
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