Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Spring Break!

Dear Parents,

The week before spring break was our college/ career week. We had fun dressing up and talking about what we want to be when we grow up. Some kids dressed up as doctors, some as bakers. We had some teachers, fashion designers, engineers, basketball players, policemen, lawyers. It was fun to see what the kids want to be and to talk about their future! We had some parents come in and talk about their careers and explain a little more to the kids about what they do. Here are some pictures:

 On Wildcat spirit week, I got into the holiday a bit a dressed up as a wildcat. The kids loved it!
I hope everyone had a fun spring break! I am excited to get back to work and finish off the year strong!

-Mrs. Hembree :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a fun St. Patrick's Day. We did our celebrations on Friday for St. Patrick's day and here are some pictures from what we did:

4th Grade Buddies
We sorted and grouped Lucky Charms cereal. We graphed out how many different shapes of marshmallows and cereal we had and then compared it with other groups. 

After lunch, we found a note in the class from the Leprechaun!
He left us a clue and took us on a treasure hunt around the school!
The kids has a blast reading his jokes and figuring out his riddles. 
At the end of the treasure hunt, 
we found his footsteps and followed them until we found 
a pot of gold candy hiding under a table in our classroom. 
The kids were so excited!

 We had some people in our class really get into dressing up for the holiday.
Shamrock hair!
 Our class leprechaun!
 We remembered to wear green to school so we wouldn't get pinched! 

 This week is a big week at Willow Canyon! I hope to see you all at McDonald's tomorrow night for our school fundraiser! I will be working there along with several other teachers and serving food from 5-7 PM.  50% of the incoming profit goes to Willow Canyon! Come support as well as have a fun meal with your family and see your teachers working at McDonald's! :)

Tuesday is career day. Come to school dressed up as your favorite career. There will be prizes in each class for kids who win the dress up contest. We will also be learning all about different careers this week and getting ideas about what we want to be when we grow up.

Wednesday is wildcat spirit week. Wear your green and gold and be proud to be a wildcat! There will be prizes!

Thursday we are to dress up in the colors of your favorite college or university. Extra points for those who dress up in colors from unique colleges around the country. There will be prizes!

I hope we all have a great week! Let's have some fun dressing up and showing our wildcat pride!

-Mrs. Hembree :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Read, Read, Read!

Dear Parents,
This week we said good-bye to Mr. Theobald and hello to Mrs. Williams! Mr. Theobald's last day was on Monday and it was sad to see him go. He was such a kind and loving principal and will be missed greatly by all! But, we are excited to have Mrs. Williams here. She is a very sweet lady with so much to offer Willow Canyon. Here is a picture of Mr. Theobald's last Monday meeting:
Good luck at Alta View Elementary Mr. Theobald!!! :) 

Thanks to all of you who came to parent teacher conferences! It was fun seeing you and celebrating all of the great things that your kids have been doing this term in class. Thanks for your constant concern for your kids and their learning. Let me know if there is ever anything that I can do better to help your child, or if you ever have any questions or concerns. I'm here to help!

On Thursday afternoon, we had our read-a-thon. The kids loved it and had a great time! I was so amazed at how into their books they were the whole time. They were so focused and the time flew by for them so quickly! We started with me reading some books to them for about 15 minutes. Then they found a spot in the room and snuggled up with their blankets and pillows. Then they read for 45 minutes all by themselves! It was amazing. I didn't have one student who was messing around or not into their book. It was such a fun sight to see- Children wrapped up in a book and not wanting to put it down. I loved it! Here are some pictures from the afternoon:

We have two more weeks of school before spring break! I hope to work super hard these two weeks and get as much done as possible. I can't wait to see even more improvement from these kids by the next term. It is amazing how much they are growing and learning!

Keep up the good work! :)

-Mrs. Hembree

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy March!

Dear Parents,

The students are really enjoying math right now. The unit that we are focusing on is measurement. We are starting out with estimation. The children have been estimating how many unfix cubes long something is. Then they measure the item and compare their estimations with the actual lengths. We did a fun activity where the kids got in pairs and measured their partner's body parts. They made estimations before they measured to see if their guesses were close. They measured each other's hands, legs, arms, ears, noses and faces. Here are some pictures from that day:

Parent teacher conferences are coming up this week on Wednesday and Thursday! I hope everyone has scheduled a time online and is planning on coming in. Please contact me if you haven't scheduled an appointment already and would like to. I hope to see everyone there! I promise to try my best to be on schedule for the appointments. It is so hard when there is so much to talk about and cover in only a short 15 minute period of time. I will try my best so that everyone can get in and out during their assigned time frames. If I am running a few minutes behind, please be patient and know that I will be with you as soon as I possibly can. Thanks!

The book fair will be going on this whole week in the library. It is a great event for your children to attend and get excited about reading different kinds of books. On Tuesday, from 6-8, there will be a grand event in the library where you can come and meet the new principal, Mrs. Williams.

Speaking of reading......we are having our 1st Grade read-a-thon this Thursday afternoon. There is a pink information sheet about it in the homework folders this week. We are going to have a blast reading the afternoon away and getting lost in good books! One of my goals for this year was to help my students LOVE reading. I want them to want to read and be so excited about it that they can't put a book down because they are so into it. Hopefully this event will help teach the kids how important reading is.

Mr. Theobald's last day is on Monday, March 4th. We are so sad to see him go! We wish him well in his new adventure at Alta View Elementary. On Friday, the kids made good-bye cards for him and expressed their love and all that he has done for us and our school. We are excited to welcome in Mrs. Williams and to get to know her better.

On Friday I was so pleased with my students.....We had 21 of the the 23 kids GET 100% ON THEIR SPELLING TEST! The two kids that didn't get 100%, ONLY MISSED 1 OF THE 15 SPELLING WORDS, GETTING THE OTHER 14 CORRECT! This is the best we have ever done as a whole class! I am so proud of them and all of their efforts in learning the words! We have some smart kids in this class! :)

Thanks so much for all that you do! Hope to see you all this Wednesday and Thursday night!

-Mrs. Hembree :)
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