Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Almost 2nd Graders!

Dear Parents,

These kids are almost 2nd graders! Only 8 more days left of being in 1st grade. I am so impressed with all that they have learned this year! I love each one of them and am going to miss them over the summer!

This week is our last week for homework!!! There will be no homework due the last week of school. Please remember to turn in your homework folders to me on Friday! Let's get 100% turn in on our last homework packets! You can do it!

This Friday is our last show n' tell. Last Friday we only had about half of the class bring in an item to show and tell about. Hopefully for our last show n' tell we can have a better turn out and have everyone bring in something to share!

This Friday is also our last 4th grade buddy activity. We have enjoyed so much this year getting to know the 4th graders. The kids have made some great friends with the older students!

Many students in our class still have a library book checked out. All books are now due and there will be a fine for any kids who don't turn their books in by the end of the year. Let's be responsible and get all of our books turned in! :) All book fines are due by Monday, June 3rd.

Tuesday, June 4th, is our 1st grade field day and Wednesday, June 5th, is our Willow Canyon school field day. We have lots of fun events coming up the last week of school!

Our class is having our end of the year talent show at 9:30 on Thursday, June 6th. Everyone needs to be prepared to perform something. You have the choice of doing something with a friend or doing something alone. It is going to be so much fun to watch everyone in our class perform! Please let me know what equipment, if any, that you need, and also if parents are planning on coming. Thanks!

Our last field trip of the year will be the afternoon of the 6th. We are leaving the school at 12:15 and returning right before school gets out. Please get your red permission forms signed and turned in by this Friday!

The last day of school is Friday, June 7th. We have an early dismissal at 12:20. We will be having our end of the year dance festival that day with the entire school in the gym. The 1st grade is performing, "The Hamster Dance." We have been busy learning the dance moves in class. It is going to be fun!

Have a great week everyone!
-Mrs. Hembree :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

3 More Weeks!!!

Dear Parents,

Only 3 more weeks of school!!! I am happy to have a summer break but also heart broken knowing that my time with all of these sweet kiddos is almost past. I have enjoyed every minute of this year and have loved getting to know each one of them.

On Friday, we watched the 5th graders perform their 5th grade USA program. It was fabulous! They all wore red white and blue, sang patriotic songs, and even did some square dancing. Then we got to see the floats that they made of the 50 states. Each child picked a state and learned about that state, making a float to display to the school. They all looked great! What a fun way to end the week. 

Monday the 27th, is Memorial Day so there is no school. Put it on your calendars and enjoy the long weekend!

This Thursday is our last library day and all of the books are due. Please remember to bring in your books so you don't have to be stuck with paying a fine. :(

Remember even with the hot weather, please wear long shorts and shirts with sleeves to school. Also, there are no open toed shoes allowed.

We are having a class talent show on the afternoon of Thursday, June 6th. Come prepared to do a short dance, sing a song, recite a poem, dribble a ball, play an instrument, do some cartwheels, or whatever else you would like to do! Everyone in the class needs to participate! It is going to be so much fun!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!!!

-Mrs. Hembree :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Thank You!!

Dear Parents,

Last week was teacher appreciation week. I wanted to thank you all for everything that you did for me and for all the things that you wonderful and thoughtful things brought in. Thanks for the flowers, candy, notes, cards, gifts.....everything! I felt very appreciated and loved. You guys are the best! I really do have the best set of students and parents that a teacher could ever ask for. 

Last week the fire department came in for an assembly. (They ended up coming here instead of us going there.) The kids learned a lot about fire safety. They learned how to call 911. They learned how to stop, drop and roll. They even practiced a role play of smelling smoke in their room at night and how to get out of their room safely. We saw a puppet show and heard songs about fire safety. The kids had a great time and learned tons of useful information as well! 

 For teacher appreciation week, we also celebrated my un-birthday. :) My actual birthday is in August when we aren't in school. The room moms decided that it would be fun to celebrate my birthday with all the kids. We had a great time. We ate cake and ice cream and the kids sang happy birthday to me! They even made me wear the special birthday hat!

With the end of the school year approaching we are getting a little bit more lazy with turning in our homework folders......we used to always have 100% turn in every single Friday! Now...we have about 3-4 kids each week that aren't turning in their folders. Let's make sure that we keep going strong with our homework until the end of the year! You can do it!!!

Only.........4 more weeks of school!!! Summer is right around the corner. It has been such nice weather and the kids have enjoyed playing outside at recess. Last week with our 4th grade buddies we learned how to play hopscotch, 4 square, and jump rope. We learned different ways of doing each game and some fun songs you can sing while you are jumping with the jump ropes. The kids had a blast playing with their buddies while enjoying the sunshine!

I hope everyone has a great week!
-Mrs. Hembree

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Willow Canyon Art Show!

Dear Parents,

What a great week we had last week! I hope everyone got the chance to go to the Willow Canyon art show on Thursday night. We have an amazing art teacher, Roseanne Jensen, who has put so much work into the children's art this year during specialty classes. She put together this whole art show and it turned out beautifully. The kids have been working hard this whole year on different art pieces. Two of their pieces were displayed, both a clay piece and a painting/ drawing. We got to look at all the beautiful art from all the grade levels, listen to the Willow Canyon school orchestra play some music, and enjoy some refreshments. It was a wonderful evening. In case you missed it, here are some pictures for you to see what you missed out on. 

On Friday of last week we had our class store! The kids are always so well behaved in class and they try their best in all of their work. I am so proud of their behavior this year. They have been awesome! Because of this fabulous behavior, I try to reward them often with parties, class stores, and other things. I want them to be rewarded and earn prizes for their amazing behavior. These kids are so great!

So for this store the kids each had to grab a mystery bag. I called it the, "Mystery Grab Bag Store." They had to pick a bag full of prizes not knowing what was in each bag. The boy and girl bags were separated however so at least they would get items that matched their gender. The kids were very excited as usual.

Some kids tried using different strategies like picking the heaviest bag, picking the bag with their favorite number on it, or picking the bag with the same number as their age. It was fun to see what bags they picked and why.

Everyone loved their bags and it was like Christmas morning when the whole class opened them at the same time! They were allowed to trade if they wanted but for the most part it seemed like everyone loved the items in their bags! The store was a huge hit!

This week we are going on a field trip to the fire station. We will be going on Wednesday and learning all about how to fight fires and talking with real fire fighters. It is a half day field trip so the kids will still be able to eat lunch at school like usual. Make sure to ask your children all about what they learned about fire safety!

We started reading the chapter book, "Ramona the Pest," this week after lunch. The kids love this book so much and can completely relate to it! It is about a girl who goes to Kindergarten and all of her adventures there. She gets in trouble a lot but not because she means to. It is a hilarious story and I love reading it to the kids. They are so excited each day to read a new chapter and when the chapter ends they beg me to keep on reading! I love to see excitement about reading in their eyes.

Thank you for all that you do! Keep up the good reading at home and let's finish the year off strong!
Have a great week!
-Mrs. Hembree :)
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