Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy Turkey Day!

Dear Parents,
What a wonderful time of year this is. I love Thanksgiving time because we can reflect on what we are thankful for and on what matters most. It has been a wonderful week at school as we have learned about the history of Thanksgiving. The kids have also been very excited to hear the results for "Turkey of the Year." They were so excited to see that Mr. Thiessen won and especially when he popped into our classroom in a turkey costume! Gobble gobble!
 Our star of the week in the AM class was Lucas! We learned that Lucas loves jets and sports. He loves soccer the most and plays on a team with some other friends in the class. He has an older brother and he loves to swim! Great job Lucas!
 Our star of the week in the PM class was Treslyn. Treslyn's favorite color is purple and she loves to play with Skylanders, her dog Seamus, and two cats Annie and Batman. She loves loves Disney princesses and has two older brothers. Awesome job Treslyn!
This week was American Education Week!
 Thank you to all the parents who came in on Thursday to see what we have been learning in class. The kids had a great time! They have been working so hard on their boats and learning about the Pilgrims and how they sailed across the ocean in the Mayflower. 
Here are some pictures from the big day!

News for the Week
1. We only have two school days this next week. No school Wednesday-Friday! 
Happy Thanksgiving!

2. Show n' tell will be on Tuesday this week instead of Friday.
The theme is: Bring something in that you are thankful for. 

3. There is no star of the week this week. It will start up again on the first week of December!

4. We have had a lot of trouble recently with kids not knowing how to zip up there own coats or put their own coats on the right way. Of course Miss Risa and I can help where we can but sometimes it gets crazy at recess trying to help everyone at the same time. If you could help your child at home practice putting their coat on independently that would be so helpful. Teach them how to make the arm sleeves not inside out and teach them how to zip up their zipper. This will make going to recess much more smooth and quick. Thanks! Also on this note, please mark each item of clothing with your child's name on it if you don't want it lost. Thanks! 

5. Information about IXL came home this week. The IXL math computer program is so great and we are lucky to be able to use it at home and at school. Thank you for those who have already turned in your $6. This program covers basic math principals that are required for all kindergarteners to master before going to 1st grade. Please encourage your child to use it at home along with the Raz Kids reading program. I know that every child loves using the computer so these two programs are a great way for them to learn while on the computer. Each student will be receiving a username and password that will be in the orange folders this Tuesday. Encourage your child to use it over Thanksgiving break! Let me know if you have any questions!

Have a wonderful break full of fabulous food, good friends, family, relaxation, and hopefully a little black Friday shopping! :) 

-Mrs. Hembree :) 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pilgrims and the Mayflower!

Dear Parents,

What a great week this has been! We have been up to some pretty fun things this week in our class and I can tell that the students are really enjoying school!

Our star of the week for AM was Caitlyn! She made an awesome poster! We learned that Caitlyn loves dance, cheerleading, and gymnastics. We has a cute white dog that she adores! She also loves Cinderella and Disneyland. Great job Caitlyn!
 Kalvan was also star of the week! Kalvan made a great poster to share. We saw some cute pictures of Kalvan when he was a baby and a toddler. We learned that he has two older brothers and that all three of them have a different color of hair! Kalvan loves applesauce and the color blue.

Here are some things that we have been doing in centers!
Here is a Thanksgiving writing center. The kids are doing a great job making their own stories about Thanksgiving. They love to write about the pilgrims and how they sailed on the Mayflower. 
 We have brought out some of our big books to read during buddy reading. The kids are having fun making connections, describing the characters, and figuring out what happens in the beginning, middle, and end. These are all things we have been discussing during class. 
 We have been working with pattern blocks to make different letters. The kids are discovering that shapes can come together and make something completely different! It is very exciting for them!

Let's Build A Boat!
On Thursday we built our boats! We have been learning a lot about the pilgrims this week and about their ship, the Mayflower. The students are excited and anxiously waiting for next Thursday, the 21st, to perform their song to all of the parents for American Education Week. On that day we will also be putting their boats in water to see if they float. It is going to be a fun day! We had some 5th grade buddies come into the class to help us with our boats. They all turned out fantastic! Come on the 21st to see the finished products!

News of the Week
1. As stated above, American Education Week is next week. For kindergarten, the parents are invited to come in on Thursday, the 21st, and take part in what the students have been learning. If you child is in the AM class we will be starting at 9:00. If your child is in the PM class, we will be starting at 1:00. It will last about 30-45 minutes. The students have been preparing and practicing this whole week. We hope to see you there!

2. Show n' tell theme for next week is: Your favorite toy. Please have your child bring in their favorite toy that can fit in their backpack. 

3. With the cold weather coming, please remember to pack your kids with a warm jacket, hat, gloves, etc, each day.  It is required that the kids go outside even when it is cold, except for extreme circumstances. Please keep them warm so they can enjoy their recess and get that needed break during the day. It also might be smart to write their name in each article of clothing. Each day students are misplacing their items and they are going to lost and found. With a name in it, we will know who the owners are of each item. Thanks!

4. Who will be Pinebrook's Turkey of the Year? The more hours that you read, the more times that you can vote for your favorite turkey! Turn in your turkey reading slips and come and vote. The winner will be wearing a turkey costume on the last day of school before the break. :) The top three finalists are Mr. Thiessen, Mrs. Cherry (5th grade teacher), and Miss Mather (4th grade teacher). I wonder who it will be?!

5. Thanksgiving break is November 27th-29th! I hope everyone has a fun holiday!

6. We need some parent help in our classroom during centers! :) Please go to to sign up for a time if you would like to come in and help! You can also go to and then type in my email and the verification code and then go from there. Parents that sign up will be circulating around to the different centers helping students as needed and making sure everyone is working hard and staying on task. Feel free to volunteer once a week, once every other week, or once a month. Any help would be great! It is nice for me and for the students to have reoccurring volunteers to keep things consistent. Thank you!

Have a great weekend everyone! See you on Monday! 
If you ever have any questions, feel free to email me at 
I'm here to help!

-Mrs. Hembree :)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Gobble Gobble Gobble!!!

Dear Parents and Students,

We had another great week! Thank you to all of you for coming to parent teacher conferences. It was so great meeting with you and getting to know you more. I feel like I have the best group of parents and I thank you for your constant support!

Lillian was our star of the week last week for the AM class. She made a wonderful poster. We learned about all the fun things that Lillian is up to when she is not in school. Lillian loves gymnastics, ballet, piano, swimming, and riding her bike. Great job Lillian!
 Hailey D. was our star of the week for the PM class. She also made a great poster! Hailey has a little brother, an awesome mom and dad, and a big fluffy black and white dog. She loves spaghetti, chocolate milk, soccer, and dance. Awesome job Hailey!

Turkey in Disguise
The turkeys that were brought in this week were fabulous! I was amazed at the creativity that was put into this project. Way to go everyone! Every turkey turned out different. It was so fun looking at all the different ones. I am sure all of the turkeys will be perfectly disguised just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. :) Great job!

Buddy Reading
The kids have really been enjoying buddy reading on Fridays. It is so fun to walk around the room and to see them perfectly engaged in a book while sharing with their neighbor. I love it!

Shape Hunt
In math, we have been learning about shapes. This week, we did a shape hunt around the outside of the school. The kids were shape detectives and searched for circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles in the world around them. They made tally marks on their sheets every time they saw a shape. They were amazed at all the shapes that they found! Here are some pictures of the kids hunting for shapes and some of the shapes that they found. 





News for the Week

1. Keep an eye out for report cards this week. They will be going home in a small manilla envelope in the Thursday folders. Please sign and return the sheet to let me know that you have received the report card. Thanks! 

2. November 14th, this Thursday, is picture re-take day. If you are wanting retakes done on your picture please bring your picture packet to school that day along with the required amount of money. If you need a new packet, you can get one in the office. 

3. Thank you to everyone who has brought in items for the STEM project! Last week, the kids got in groups and planned out their boat design and materials. Each group came up with a name for their boat. This week we will start building our boats. We will be having some 5th grade buddies coming in to help us with this project. For American Education Week, parents are invited to come in to the classroom on November 21st to watch the students test their boats. Mark it on your calendars and come in to see if the boats sink or float! :) The items that we are still in need of for this project are: string, styrofoam, and cardboard. If anyone has any of those things around the house, please bring them on in! :) 

4. This Monday there will be a paper coming home in the orange folders about Raz Kids! Raz Kids is a fun computer reading program paid for by the Pinebrook PTA that your child can use at home. Each child has their own username icon and password icon. It is an excellent program and we are so lucky to have it! Please encourage your child to login to Raz Kids as often as they can to practice reading their just-right-books. The more time your child spends reading, the better reader they will be! 
Happy reading! 

5. The book fair is going on this week in the library! On Friday, the students had a chance to browse through the book fair and see all the amazing books. There will be a book fair Family Night from 3-6 on Tuesday, November 12th. For more information about the book fair, you may want to visit this link from our school librarian. 

6. Attention all volunteers! A sign up genus link will be sent out soon with times and days for you to volunteer in the classroom during centers. Thank you for all of you who have expressed an interest in helping out. This should be up and running very soon. Thanks for your patience!

7. Show n' Tell Theme- Pets. 
Please bring a picture of your pet to share with the class. If you don't have a pet then bring a picture of a pet that you like and hope to have someday. 

I hope everyone has a great week!
-Mrs. Hembree :) 
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