Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy 100th Day of School!

Dear Parents,

This week we celebrated the 100th day of school! We had a blast! I hope you enjoy all of the pictures!

Brenden was our star for the AM class! He brought in a great poster! We saw some pictures of Brenden's trip to Sea World and Disney World with his family. We also learned that Brenden loves his Aunt's dog named Candy. He enjoys being a big brother. Way to go Brenden!

Yashvi was our star for the PM class! Yashvi brought in a great poster too. We learned that Yashvi has an older brother and that she loves her family. We saw some pictures at Yashvi's preschool graduation and when she was a tiny little baby. Good job Yashvi!
 We celebrated the 100th day of school this week!!!
Here are some pictures of us in our 100th day glasses/crowns that we made. 

 Thank you for your help in bringing in 100 things! I was amazed at the creativity that was put into this. We had everything from pennies, to straws, to foreign countries, to butterflies, to puzzle pieces. Way to go everyone!
We put our 100 items into 10 piles of 10 on our desks. Then we did a parade around the classroom to see everyone's items. Finally, we practiced skip counting forwards and backwards from 0-100. 

We read the book, "The Wolf's Chicken Stew." In this book, there are 100 chicks who love their "Uncle Wolf," while the wolf was trying to make their mother into a chicken stew. The kids had to find the missing chicks that were hidden around the room. Each chick had a number on the back. The kids had to put the chicks in order from 1-100. 

Kindergarten News

1. Dr. Seuss week is coming up this week! We will be reading Dr. Seuss books this week during read aloud and talking a lot about rhyming. A note went home today in the orange folders about taking a picture of your child reading a Dr. Seuss book while wearing a funny hat or glasses, etc. Please bring these in as soon as you can so we can get our door decorated for the fun week! Also, if you have some Dr. Seuss books at home that you would let us borrow, that would be great. Please put your name in them and they will be returned in your child's backpack next Friday the 7th. Thank you for your help! On March 6th, you may wear a Dr. Seuss hat or a crazy hat to school for Crazy Hat Day! 

2. On March 3rd, we are having a guest author come and visit Pinebrook! His name is Henry Cole. He will be doing an assembly in the morning during our AM class. If the PM kids and parents would like to come to the AM assembly, you are more than welcome. He is also doing a family night that night from 6:30-7:30. 

3. Say Cheese!!! Picture day is coming up March 12th. Picture forms will be coming home soon.

4. March 6th is Crazy Hat Day! Please wear a Dr. Seuss hat this day or any other type of crazy hat that you have at home. Have fun!

5. March 13th is our PTA Triple Play Extravaganza! Please come and support your favorite elementary school. It will be a night to remember. 

6. March 16th-21st is our spring book fair. It is a great opportunity to get your child excited about books and reading. Come down and pick out a couple books while supporting Pinebrook. 

7. Kindergarten Field Trip- March 19th- Clark/Theiss, March 20th-Hembree/Butler

8. March 31st- Teacher Work Day. No school!

9. Show n' Tell for this week- Read us your favorite page of a Dr. Seuss book and tell us which book it comes from and why it is your favorite. 

10. We are adding sight word speed drills to the homework calendar this month. Please see the attached papers in back of the March homework calendar in your orange folder on Monday for more details. I am excited about this new resource and know that it will be a great tool for the kids to learn their sight words. 

-Mrs. Hembree :)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Valentine's Parties and President's Day!

Dear Parents,

What a fabulous week this has been! I took a lot of pictures throughout the week so I hope you enjoy!

Phoebe was our star of the week in the AM class. Phoebe had lots of pictures of herself when she was a baby on her poster. Phoebe told us about how she loves to go swimming and spend time with her mom, dad and big sister. Good job Phoebe!

Chaitanya was our star of the week in the PM class. He told us about how he went camping inside of his house in a tent. The class thought that was hilarious. :) We also saw some cute pictures of Chaitanya when he was a baby, learned about his trip to NYC, and heard about his big sister, mom and dad. Awesome job Chaitanya!

With President's day being last Monday, we have been talking a lot these last two weeks about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington and also some of the roles of the president of the United States. We made these Abraham Lincoln hats and heard a story about how Abe used to carry important documents inside of his hat. I asked the kids, if they wore a black top hat, what would they carry inside of it? They came up with very clever answers! Ask your child about Washington and Lincoln. I am sure they will be able to tell you some facts about them that they have learned in class. Also, on your next family trip to Washington DC, take your kids to see the Lincoln Memorial. We talked a lot about that famous building and other important places in DC.

One of the kids' favorite things about school is going to the computer lab. They love playing on all the programs like Starfall, Pixie, Knowledge Box, Raz Kids and IXL Math. 

Thank you to everyone who came and helped with the belated valentine parties! They were definitely a success! I appreciate everyone who donated items and volunteered their time to help. Also, thank you for all of the yummy chocolate and sweet cards. You sure know how to make a teacher feel loved. :) 

We played a game of stacking candy hearts into tall towers. 
How tall can you make your tower before it falls over?

 We ate yummy food! 
The kids loved the Pringles, animal crackers, Cheez-its, cupcakes, and fruit snacks! 
For the PM class party, we stuffed our valentine envelopes full of valentines from everyone in the class. The kids were so excited to open their valentines at home and read them! 
 We made these cute valentine wreaths made out of paper hearts. 
The kids wrote messages on them and glued them around the ring. 

 They played a game of Valentine Memory with chocolate kisses that had secret pictures on the bottoms. They tried to find the matches! 
 They ate yummy snacks of popcorn, cookies, pretzels, grapes, and carrot sticks. Yum! 

Kindergarten News

1. The 100th day of school is this Tuesday! This week we read the book, "100th Day Worries!" It is about a girl named Jessica who has to bring 100 items to school for the 100th day of school. Our class will be doing a similar thing. Please read the note that was sent home in the orange folder this week for more information. Bring 100 items in a baggie to school on Tuesday, the 25th. Can't wait to see what you bring! Stay tuned for the next blog post with pictures of all of our 100th day activities. 

2. Our field trip is coming up soon on March 20th! Thank you to everyone who volunteered to come and help that day. Unfortunately we are only allowed to have 5 parent volunteers per class and so not everyone who volunteered will be able to come. I sent out an email this week to the parents who will be coming on the field trip. For the AM class, because there were so many volunteers, I had to do a lottery to choose who could come. For the PM class, we actually still have room for 1 more volunteer if anyone is still interested in coming. Sorry about this! But thank you to everyone for being so willing to help. For those of you who received the invitation email, please let me know right away if you aren't able to make it so I can get some other parents signed up who are willing to help. Also, there are still a couple kids from each class who haven't turned in the field trip permission form.  If you want your child to attend the field trip, your form needs to be turned in by this Friday, the 28th. 

3. I hope everyone was able to take a look at the new report cards that were sent home this week. Sorry about the confusion! We still have a few of you who haven't turned in a signed report card. You don't need to return both the old and new report card, but just one of the two. Please do that right away. It is required by the administration and the county. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

4. There will be no show n' tell this week. Thank you!

5. I am in need of a parent helper who would be willing to help with a coloring project at home. I am making picture sorts to use during guided reading that I would like colored. I have started doing them myself but am realizing the hours upon hours that it will take me if I do them alone. I am looking for someone who is very detailed in their coloring and would take the time to make them look nice. If you would be willing to help me with this, let me know. Thanks! 

-Mrs. Hembree :) 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

What a Week!

Dear Parents,

What a huge snow storm we had! I hope everyone stayed safe and warm during the snow days and that you had a fantastic Valentine's Day! 

Ayden was our star of the week in the AM class. Ayden made a great poster! We learned that Ayden loves robots and likes to help shovel snow. He has a little brother named Joseph and another baby brother coming soon! Ayden is excited to be a big, big brother. He loves his family and his favorite color is green.

News for the Week

1. Our Valentine's Day party has been rescheduled to Friday, the 21st. Please have the students bring in their valentines that day for their classmates. Remember, no food allowed on the valentines. There are 25 kids in the AM class, and 22 kids in the PM class. If you have signed up to bring something in for the party, please bring those items in on Friday, or put them in your child's backpack.

2. Another change due to the snow....our 100th day of school will now be moved to Tuesday, February 25th. More information will be coming home about this in the orange folders next week. 

3. No show n' tell this week due to the rescheduled Valentine's party. 

4. Sorry if I haven't responded to your emails this week. I was unable to log into my email account because my password at school expired while I was at home sick. I wasn't able to access my account over the long weekend. Thanks for your understanding.

5. Homework books will be turned in this Friday, the 21st, and the last two weeks of homework will be collected and corrected all at once. This will keep things a bit more simple. Here are the sight words from the last two weeks.

February 10th words- it, like, look, on, are
February 18th words- come, did, for, get, have

I hope everyone has a great week!

-Mrs. Hembree :) 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Love is in the Air!

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! Love is in the air at Pinebrook as the valentine projects start coming up in the halls and the kids are getting excited for the upcoming party. 

Vedha was our star of the week in the PM class. She brought in a fantastic poster that was two sided. On the back, she attached a book that she made that told about her favorite things. On the front there were pictures of her in India, Disneyland, and in Washington D.C. at the white house. We learned that Vedha has a little sister and that she was a messy eater when she was young. Way to go Vedha!
 We worked on our valentine bumble bees this week that said, "Bee Mine." The kids did an awesome job on this project as they constructed their bee out of the given construction paper. We think they turned out completely adorable! Happy Valentine's Day!

Kindergarten News

1. Our Valentine's Day party is coming up this Friday, the 14th. I know the kids are excited about it! Please watch for the emails from the room moms to help with bringing in items for the party and for volunteers. Also, remember, your child may bring in valentines that day for their classmates, as long as they bring in something for everyone in the class. Please no food related items attached to the valentines. You may attach other fun things to them if you would like to such as stickers, pencils, small toys, etc. 

2. Our first field trip is coming up! It will be on March 20th. The permission form went home in the orange folders a couple weeks ago. If you haven't returned those forms, please do so by February 28th if you would like your child to attend. The AM class will be leaving by 8:45am and the PM class will be leaving by 12:00pm. The students will take the regular transportation to and from school just like any other day. Thank you to all of you who have shown interest in coming to help with the field trip! I am still figuring out how many chaperones we are allowed to have that day. I will be contacting you soon.

3. Report cards went home on Friday. The grading for report cards can be confusing, especially when it comes to kindergarten. The grading is done by 1-4 scale: 1- Below, 2- Progressing, 3- Meets, 4- Exceeds. Kindergarten has no quarterly benchmarks, only final end of the year benchmarks. Because of this, many of the concepts that are on the report card are still being covered in class. Please don't think of the 1-4 grading scale to be equivalent to a D-A grading scale. Most kindergarteners are "progressing," level 2, which means they are currently on-track to meet the standard by the end of the year. Receiving a "meets," or a 3, means that your child has that concept down completely and there is nothing else they need to work on in that area to meet the kindergarten standard. Receiving an "exceeds," is a very rare thing; reserved for students who are above and beyond grade level, who are working at a 1st and 2nd grade level. If your child is progressing and continuing to learn and grow in class, then that is a great thing, and they are exactly where they should be at this time in the year. Unless I have contacted you in regards to concerns about your child and have scheduled a conference with you, please know that your child is doing well and is at the level they need to be. If you have any concerns about your child's progress, feel free to contact me.

4. The 100th day of school is coming up soon! The students have been anticipating this day for a while now as we have been tracking the number of school days since day 1. The 100th day of school is currently scheduled for February 21st, a Friday. This may change due to any snow days that we might have in the near future. Please stay tuned and be looking in your orange folder this week for more information about the 100th day of school activities that our class will be doing. 

5. I hope you have been enjoying the Winter Olympics as much as I have! In honor of the Olympics, Pinebrook is doing a spirit week this week, February 10th- 14th. Each day the students may wear something for spirit week:

Monday- Winter Wear
Tuesday- Patriotic Colors
Wednesday- "Dress like snow"
Thursday- Olympic Colors, choose any one (black, blue, yellow, red, green)
Friday- Valentine's Day Attire

6. No school on the 17th, due to President's Day!

7. No show n' tell this week due to our Valentine's Day party. 

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

-Mrs. Hembree 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Vocabulary Parade and Chinese New Year

Dear Parents,

What a fun week this has been! With the vocabulary parade and Chinese New Year, I took a lot of pictures. I hope everyone enjoys them!

 Ojas was our star for the AM class. He made a great poster! We learned that Ojas has an older brother that goes to Pinebrook. Ojas loves football and soccer and he loves going to Virginia Beach. Awesome job Ojas!

Siddu was our star for the PM class. Siddu made a great poster too. We learned that Siddu has a brother and a sister and he likes to play in the snow. We saw some pictures of Siddu when he was a baby. Way to go Siddu!

The kids made these fun snowmen this week. They wrote their names on the snowballs, each ball getting one letter of their name. Some snowmen were short and others were tall, depending on how many letters their name has. It was fun to see how they each decorated their snowmen differently to fit each of their unique personalities. 

 Vocabulary Parade!
The Pinebrook vocabulary parade was a huge success this year. I was blown away at the creativity that everyone put into all of the costumes and signs. Way to go you guys! The kids had a blast and learned some new words too. They each had the opportunity to talk in the microphone in the gym, in front of all the other kindergartners, saying their name and their word. What a great day!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!
Friday was a fantastic day! We celebrated Chinese New Year and had a ton of fun while learning about a new culture and tradition. We even learned how to speak some Chinese. 
A huge thank you to Caitlyn's mom and brother, and Siena's mom, dad, and brother, for coming in and teaching us about Chinese New Year! You are so kind and the kids loved it!

 They read some fun stories about Chinese New Year. 
 They got to scratch the firecrackers in the book to hear how they sound, smell the oranges, and use chopsticks to eat the noodles. What a fun book!
They loved coloring their lion masks. They were so excited to get home and scare their moms, and siblings with their new mask. :)

 They had fun scratching/ coloring their dragon puppets at the carpet. 

Kindergarten News

1. Report cards are going home on February 7th. Please remember to sign and return them as soon as possible. Thanks! In the comments section, I included some items that each child still needs to be working on. Please read over these and work on these items at home. Also, if there are some letter names and sounds listed that your child hasn't mastered yet, please work on them at home too. Thank you for your constant support and concern with your child's education. With me working with them at school and you working with them at home, together we can help them master all the things they need to learn to be ready for 1st grade. 

2. February 14th is our class Valentine's party. We will be handing out valentines that day in class. Your child is invited to bring in valentines for their classmates that day to pass out. Of course this is optional but something fun for the kids. Remember, no food can be attached to the valentines. Also, if you are bringing in valentines, please bring one for everyone in the class. The AM class has 24 students, and the PM class has 22 students. Also, keep an eye out in your email inbox from the class room moms about sign ups and volunteers for the party. Thanks! 

3. February 17th- President's Day, no school. 

4. Show n' Tell this week- Bring in something that reminds you of winter. 

5. Monday homework involves practicing the sight words. Because of the snow week and some changes in the schedule, there will be no new words this week glued in the homework books. For Monday's homework, please review all of the previous words from the past weeks. Continuously reviewing the sight words will build memory and confidence in your child's reading ability. 
Please work hard at mastering those sight words. Thanks!

Have a great week everyone!
-Mrs. Hembree :)

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