Sunday, March 30, 2014

4th Quarter is Here!

 Dear Parents,

Our star of the week for the AM class was Isiah. He brought in a fabulous poster! We learned that Isiah has lots of brothers and sisters and that he loves his family. He likes Legos and got to take a picture with Buzz from Toy Story that was made out of Legos. Great job Isiah!

Kyle was our star for the PM class. Kyle did a great job on his poster! We learned that Kyle has a little sister named Ava and that he likes to go to the beach. He enjoys riding four wheelers and hanging out with his family and his cousin Daniel in his class. Great job Kyle!
 This week the AM class had a little surprise. They were doing their break song to get their wiggles out at the carpet to, "What Does the Fox Say?" while Mr. Thiessen happened to be walking by. He walked in and joined the class, dancing with them until the end of the song! It was hilarious! Thanks Mr. Thiessen!

In math the last two weeks, we have been learning about measurement- measuring length with non-standard units and also measuring weight. The kids had a great time working in small groups and partners to measure things around the room and learning how measurement works. We talked about prediction and had the kids predict how heavy or long something was before measuring it themselves. 

The last two weeks we have been studying about community helpers. We had many fabulous volunteers come into the classroom and share about how they have helped the community! We got to speak with a vet, a police officer, a dentist, and a 911 dispatcher. The kids loved seeing these community helpers in person and asking them questions. They also loved dressing up as community helpers for show n' tell and bringing in different items that community helpers use to do their job. It was a very fun and memorable week!

Kindergarten News

1. If you would like to order some books on and earn points for our classroom, the next Scholastic book order is due this Friday the 4th. Go online and enter in our class code MFD2Q. The books will then be shipped to Pinebrook and sent home in your child's backpack. 

2. Report cards for 3rd quarter go home on April 9th. Please sign and return! Crazy to think that we are already going into our 4th and last quarter. These kids are almost 1st graders! 

3. April 14th-18th is spring break. No school this whole week!

4. Mark your calendars for the Kindergarten Bugz Show coming up on April 25th during the school day. More information coming soon!

5. Pinebrook's first annual STEAM Day is on May 3rd and we are in need of volunteers. Please refer to the Pinebrook website for the link to sign up. 

6. Please continue to have your child work on IXL Math and Raz Kids at home. It is important that they are doing it at school as well as at home. During Raz Kids and any other time you child is reading or being read to, please work on reading comprehension together. Ask them to retell the story to you and ask them what happened. Ask them about the setting and the different characters in the book. Have them guess what might happen next or what they think the book is about. All of these strategies will build comprehension skills and help your child learn to love reading. 

7. Friday, April 4th, is Wacky Hair Day at Pinebrook! Come to school with a crazy hairstyle. 

8. The show n' tell theme this week is: Bring something that reminds you of spring. 

Have a great week!

-Mrs. Hembree :)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Field Trips and Potato Races

Dear Parents,

What a great week this has been! I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Joe Joe was our star of the week in the AM class. Joe Joe loves his mom and dad and playing soccer. He got to meet his two favorite professional soccer players and take a picture with them. He was an astronaut for Halloween and even got to meet Clifford the Big Red Dog! We even got to see some cute baby pictures. Good job Joe Joe!

Vincent was our star for the PM class. Vincent told the class all about two of his favorite interests- the solar system and geography. He can tell you all about each planet and name all of the countries and states while locating where they are found on a map. Vincent showed us some pictures of his past birthday parties and told us about his trains. Good job Vincent! 

The Great Potato Race!

Magazine Hunt- Can you match the picture to its first letter sound?

Frying Pan Farm/ Kidwell Farm Field Trip!

 Kindergarten News

1. We are in need of community helpers in our community (doctors, vets, nurses, police officers, mail carriers, etc) to come in and speak for 10-15 to our kindergarten students. So far we have a dentist and a 911 dispatcher coming in! I know the kids are going to love it! If you know of anyone else in the community who has something to share that kindergarteners would find interesting, please send them my way. Thanks for your help!

2. Show n' tell this week is- What do you want to be when you grow up? Bring something in that shows what you want to be when you are older or better yet, wear a costume to show us! Do you want to be a community helper? 

3. Thank you to all the parents who helped with our field trip last week! We couldn't have done it without you! Thank you!!!

4. We are having a difficult time with Thursday folders not being returned on Friday. Many kids are leaving them at home and we have to constantly hunt them down. Please return the white Thursday folders every Friday with it signed so that we can have them ready to go for the next Thursday. 

Have a fabulous week!
-Mrs. Hembree :) 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Dear Parents,

We had another awesome week! What a great year this is!

Arjun was our star of the week in the AM class! He made a great poster! We learned that Arjun loves basketball, his favorite color is gold, and his favorite food is pizza. He likes to read Dr. Seuss books and go to Disney World! Way to go Arjun!

Anna was our star of the week for the PM class! She made a wonderful poster. Anna loves to dance, play with her friends, and play dress up. She enjoys reading, going to the beach, and having fun with her mom. Awesome job Anna! 

This week we had the Triple Play Extravaganza PTA Event! 
It was a blast!
Here are some pictures just in case you missed it!

Thiessen Tiger Face Painting

The Kindergarten Team

Our 3 Awesome Administrators

 Pinebrook Staff "What Does the Fox Say?" Flash Mob

News for the Week

1. The Book Fair is coming up this week! If you want your child to purchase a book you can send money with them to school and they can go with Ms. Risa during non-instruction time. You may also come in with your child after school and shop the book fair together. It is a great way to get the new popular books at a cheap price while supporting Pinebrook!

2. The Great Potato Race is happening this Monday the 17th! Happy St. Patrick's Day! Please bring in your decorated (markers or paint) potato to class on Monday. The fastest potato wins! Also, remember to wear green this day unless you want to get pinched. :) Due to any snow days coming up, the potato race will be postponed to Tuesday, or the next school day. 

3. Our field trip is coming up this Thursday the 20th!!! Please remember to have your child wear long pants and tennis shoes, as they will be walking outside and going on a hay ride. No backpacks this day unless you are going to an after school program where you will need your backpack. Please read the note that went home this week for more information regarding the field trip. 

4. Show n' Tell this week- In honor of St. Patrick's Day, bring in something that is green!

Have a fabulous weekend!
-Mrs. Hembree :)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Dr. Seuss Week!

Dear Parents,

This week we celebrated Dr. Seuss week! Dr. Seuss has always been one of my favorite authors ever since I was a child. We honored him this week, learned a little about him, and read some of his silly rhyming stories! We even got "Seuss-ed" when we heard a knock on the door and saw a bag full of Dr. Seuss items just for our class to enjoy. Here are some pictures of the kids in their crazy hats on crazy hat day with some of their favorite Dr. Seuss books. 

 Thank you to everyone who brought in crazy pictures with a Dr. Seuss book! 
Our door looked very nice this week!

Our stars for this week were Brayden M. and Megan. Brayden made a great poster! We learned that he has an older brother named Conner that goes to Pinebrook. Brayden's grandpa used to call him Mr. Smiley Guy when he was a baby because he was always smiling. Brayden has a dog named Taco and he loves to play soccer. Great job Brayden!
Megan was our star for the PM class. She made a fabulous poster. We learned that Megan has an older sister that goes to Pinebrook and we got to see some pictures of Megan at the hospital when she was first born. She likes to go to the beach with her sister and wear matching swimsuits, do fun art projects, and learn new things. Awesome job Megan! 
This week we played Sight Word Bingo. The kids made their own Bingo cards using the sight words that we have been learning in class. Those who won got to choose a prize from the treasure chest! It is a fun way to learn the sight words!

In math this week, we learned about fractions! 
We learned that fractions are parts of a whole and that the parts must be equal. 
We worked with playdoh and practiced making 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4 of a circle. 

Kindergarten News

1. I hope everyone is having fun with the sight word speed drill for homework. I know some of you were confused where it was located. All the sight word speed drills are printed out and attached to the back of the homework calendar for the month of March. Please read the attached letter for more information on how to use it properly. If you have any questions, please let me know. You do not need to return the sight word speed drills to me after using them. They are for you to keep and to continue to practice with and track your time. A new set will be attached to the homework packet each month. 

2. Good news! We have more room for parents to come on our upcoming field trip! Each class is now having their own bus so that makes more room for parent volunteers to come. If you weren't on the original list and would still like to come, please send me an email to let me know. Also, every parent volunteer needs to send in $8.00 in order to attend. We don't necessarily need more volunteers but we would love to have everyone join us who would like to. It is always good to have some extra pairs of eyes to keep our kids safe when we are out and about. 

3. Thank you to all of our parent helpers who help with centers each week! You are very much appreciated! We still have some extra slots for parents to volunteer and we are always looking for more people. The next two weeks, Ms. Risa will be running a class store during centers so having a parent helper to circulate the room while I'm doing reading groups is crucial. Please go to  and if you are able to come in, that would be great! Thanks!

4. The 7th annual Great Potato Race is coming on Monday, March 17th! We are celebrating St. Patrick's Day by decorating and racing our potatoes. It is going to be a blast. See the green flyer in the orange folder that went home on Friday for more details. 

5. We had a busy day on Friday trying to fit everything in from having only a 2.5 day week because of the snow days. Unfortunately, we weren't able to fit in show n' tell. One of the hardest parts of teaching kindergarten is not ever having enough time in the day to fit everything in. So the Dr. Seuss show n' tell will be moved to this week. Please bring in your favorite Dr. Seuss book and read your favorite page. Tell us what the rhyming words are on that page. If you don't have a Dr. Seuss book, then bring in another type of rhyming book to share.
Show n' tell is on Thursday this week instead of Friday. 

6. This Thursday, March 13th, is the PTA Triple Play Extravaganza! The teachers have been split into teams and are getting ready for a fun night! Come and support Pinebrook and its crazy teachers this Thursday at John Champe HS at 6 PM. See you there!

7. Picture day is this week on Wednesday! Come dressed your best and ready to say cheese! Please return the picture forms as soon as possible if you are interested in purchasing either class or individual pictures.

8. We are learning about polar animals the next two weeks! We will be using shortening for a science project. I am in need of 6 tubs of shortening, the vegetable kind that is white. For an art project, we need 10 bags of shredded coconut. If anyone would like to donate some shortening or coconut that would be great! Send me an email if you would like to and that way I can make sure that I don't receive more than I need. Thank you!

Have a great week everyone!
-Mrs. Hembree :)
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