Sunday, June 1, 2014

Almost 1st Graders!

Dear Parents,

This week in math we did some more sorting activities. We talked about how all types of things can be sorted. We had 6 stations where the kids sorted buttons, stuffed animals, beads, magnetic letters, blocks, and pattern blocks. The kids worked in groups and pairs to sort the items in all types of different ways. 

 We have really been enjoying outside recess in the sunshine! The PM class had a hula hoop contest to see who could hula hoop the longest without stopping. 

Kindergarten News

1. Our class is having a Kindergarten Read-A-Thon this Friday the 6th! A note will be going home about it tomorrow. Please have your child wear their PJ's to school on Friday. Please have them bring a pillow, blanket, and some books that they enjoy reading and looking at. Our goal is to read for 1 hour! 

2. No homework in June! Thank you to everyone who worked hard on all the homework assignments this year! I appreciate your support parents in helping your child become more responsible through completing their homework assignments. Even without having assigned homework, please continue to encourage your child to go on Raz Kids and IXL, and review their sight words often these next two weeks and throughout the summer. 

3. The last week of school is a busy one and we need your help to make it a success! We need volunteers for field day on Thursday, and for our end of the year party on Wednesday. I am also planning on doing a fun but messy project with the kids on Tuesday the 10th, and will need some help this day. We will be making Gak! I will be sending out a sign-up-genius this week. If anyone is able to donate some items, that would be awesome! 

Have a great week everyone! Only 10 days left until these kids are 1st graders!

-Mrs. Hembree :) 

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